Happy New Year! Planning, Organizing and Setting goals!

It’s that time of year! Time to reflect on the past year and think about what you want to accomplish and/or improve this coming year!

I hope you have had a nice holiday. We certainly have despite there being a lot of sick kids this year. We are finally to the last of the sick kids, I hope!! I got sick too, again!! I hate being sick, but it does give me an opportunity to practice patience, so I shouldn’t complain.

I also decided to revamp my planner. It took way longer than I wanted it to take, but I’m going to have it printed by an actual printer with the nice metal spiral bindings and I’m so excited! Since it has taken longer than planned, I went ahead and printed this one out on my printer and I thought it might be nice to share it with you too!

I am really excited about it because it has everything I will need to focus, but not get overwhelmed. The last planner I made and have used for years is great, except I really only used the weekly planning page and about 3 of the daily pages. There were a lot of wasted pages in the reflection and goal setting area also. So I have adjusted all that, putting in a blank monthly calendar, and then half a page for each day of the week so the whole week can be planned on the blank calendar and then I can fill out daily to do’s and gratitude items on the daily pages. So this planner will keep all the good planning stuff, but with fewer wasted pages. I seldom filled in the what I could do better sections either so those are also gone. Just the important most used pages are left. And if you download this pdf, just print the pages as you need them.

Check it out and download in pdf format here (this is the 6×9 inch size):

It will be a free download (you don’t even have to provide your email address) until Jan. 30! I’ll let you know when the hard copies are available.

Happy Planning!

In case you want one printed you can buy it in my shop here, there are limited quantities so don’t wait!

In case you want one that is dated for 2024, I have this for you to download, I’m pretty happy about this one too, I’ll probably use it also and see which is best- you can purchase it on amazon, coming to my shop soon!



Amber is the mother of 8 kids ages 19 - 6 including 6 boys in a row and a set of twins. She has a lot of experience with homeschooling, parenting, getting kids to do their chores, cleaning and keeping it all organized. She currently lives in France with the 6 boys- the oldest is on a mission for their church in Tahiti, and the next daughter is headed to college in January!