Starting Over – Reset

So my blog was wiped out by crypto miners!  It is a lesson in having better security and backing up what you’ve got.  In a lot of ways, I’m fine losing it all.  Hardly anybody read that blog anyway, I hardly ever posted on it, and I have all the pictures that I posted, and the only thing missing is the words.  And now I get to start over.  My new hosting company is a little better, I get to pick a new theme and I’m even using an easier to remember and type out domain name.

It reminds me a little bit of when we moved to France 2 1/2 years ago. We went through all our stuff- every single last box.  Most of the stuff we just got rid of- it was junk.  Our furniture was no great loss, it has been through a dog, a cat and 8 kids who loved jumping and rolling on the couches.  The table was nice and big, but it had burn marks.  And we did find a place to keep the piano temporarily- I love that piano.  And we were able to keep the most important things- some childhood momentos, pictures, scrapbooks and special toys of the kids.

It has been interesting to see which things we have had to rebuy and which things we have not missed.  I will say that minimalism is a lot easier- it’s a lot easier to keep track of stuff and find stuff when you need it when you don’t have that much stuff- especially clothes.  I don’t ever want to have that much stuff again!!  It’s so easy to collect and so difficult to let go and organize!

But organization and minimalism are good things.  I am by a nature a pack rat.  I had to buy a book to help me be able to let go of my treasures.  I’m glad I did, it has been a great adventure!  And I will look at this new blog as an opportunity to just start over- hopefully I’ve learned a few things, and this blog will turn out to be better and more interesting than the old one anyway!!

Have you experienced starting over?  Link to your story below if you want to share- or leave a comment.

Thanks for reading- ’til next time!



Amber is the mother of 8 kids ages 19 - 6 including 6 boys in a row and a set of twins. She has a lot of experience with homeschooling, parenting, getting kids to do their chores, cleaning and keeping it all organized. She currently lives in France with the 6 boys- the oldest is on a mission for their church in Tahiti, and the next daughter is headed to college in January!