Ed Pursuits is here to encourage self education and learning for your lifetime!

We will be posting information and resources  on topics every person should know about in order to thrive in our modern society– business, marketing, design, government, finances, investing, economics, history, science, math, health, productivity, life skills, common sense, travel, art, crafts, health etc., etc. — and guides and curriculum choices for homeschooling, after schooling and general education on this site-

Here’s info on health and fitness at http://sunwellhealth.com .

Here’s help for Organizing, Planning and Goal Setting – http://5weekmethod.com.

Here’s help for Kids Learning French — www.kidsspeakfrench.com

Here’s a shop with science kits, workbooks, and T-shirts. https://edpursuitsshop.com

Amber’s youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJwInH4G1U_8mf4oDJPsbIw

Amber is the mother of 8 happy children who are growing up and ready to make their own marks on the world. She has been married to the same great man for 22 years and they’ve had a great and happy life together.

This series is here to encourage you to learn and grow and live the best, most happy, fulfilling and productive life you can. Listen to good ideas that lead to fulfillment and happiness. The old proven standbys of hard work, patience, diligence, perseverance and faith in God still work today.

Whether you are a young student trying to figure out what you should have learned in high school, or a new mom trying to figure out how to manage a household and stay sane, these principles will work for you!!

Join Amber as she shares stories and anecdotes that back up the excellent quotes she talks about in this series, and feel hopeful and encouraged about your future!

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