Homeschool Notebook

This blank book is 9×7 inches.  It is perfect for having your students take notes on whatever you are learning about.  It also cuts down on loose pages and makes a nice keepsake.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Workbooks on Amazon

These are the planners and workbooks we currently use.  I created them after years of printing out my own worksheets on loose pages that we would put into folders and binders.  I love having the loose pages put into a workbook format.  They are so much easier for the kids to keep track of.  The kids feel like they are more official too- and now we just have to find their book instead of a loose paper somewhere.  It’s also much easier for me to see if they actually did it or not!  

5 Week Method Planners

These are the planners I developed and use on a daily basis to make sure I am getting the most important things done!  Check it out at

Beginning French for Kids

I’ve made a couple of workbooks to help kids learn to speak French.  There are plenty of vocabulary books out there, but there isn’t anything else that helps kids conjugate verbs easily and start to say things.  Go to for more info.