Goal Setting and Planning for the New Year

Happy New Year!!

It’s a great time of year! A time to reflect and think about what you want to do and improve in the upcoming year. I have absolutely loved the 5 Week Method planner the past 7 months I have been using it consistently.

I may miss a day or 2 each week, but it makes a huge difference for me in keeping everything in the proper balance. I go through my goals for each important area of my life- health, relationships, household, career, romance, finances, contribution, etc.

Then I make a plan for the next 5 weeks- fill in the important dates for the month, then fill out my weekly plan each week and fill out my daily pages each day.

And once I have my tasks written out, I don’t have to think so much about them anymore- I know as I plan my days that I’ve got the important things covered. It also helps me from getting super distracted. If you are anything like me, you may love this planner too!

My favorite part is the gratitude section- every morning I write at least 3 things I am really thankful for and what a difference in my perspective and thus in my life that has made!!

Tons of studies and anecdotal evidence comes out everyday on the power of gratitude- so if you haven’t started a gratitude journal of some sort yet- that would be a great thing to start today- quick and easy!

Check out the 5 Week Method here and download the free e-book on using the 5 Week Method to get stuff done and live a balanced life!!

May this be your best year ever!!

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