Whole Wheat dinner rolls using freshly ground spelt flour

So I decided to make rolls for sandwiches this week instead of bread and I tried 2 different recipes. They were very similar, but one of them rose better than the other and was slightly fluffier even though I didn’t knead it an extra time like recommended in the first recipe. I think I will add that extra knead time but use the better recipe ingredients. Either way, these have been well received by the family.

The ons on the right are from here: https://anoregoncottage.com/soft-100-whole-wheat-dinner-rolls/

The ones on the left are from here:/https://sallysbakingaddiction.com/whole-wheat-rolls/

from Sally’s baking addiction

You can see the fluffiness and crumb in this photo.

this is from an oregon cottage

Thank you ladies for some great recipes – I’ll definitely be making these more often especially since I don’t want to pay so much for organic bread!

We brought these on our road trip West for my daughter’s graduation- and they made great roast beef sandwiches from our local beef source which was pretty awesome.


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