Free Subtraction and Multiplication Worksheets

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My youngest is having a tough time with subtraction. He seems to have a mental block with using his fingers and doing the opposite of addition. I had him do a bunch of addition problems from, so he’s got addition down. My other kids were able to do subtraction easily once they got the addition down. But not this kid, so I made up these worksheets for him, because he would get overwhelmed with some of the random problems from .

I talked about what we did for learning the 10s a couple posts ago here. And the most helpful worksheet he used is there for you to download also. It was hard the first time, but he can do it quickly now.

This is the worksheet I’m moving him up to now, he did quite quickly and easily- yay! :

And now he has started multiplication, so he will start this worksheet- just the 2’s 3’s and 4’s to start:

I will also have him do this one once he has those down:

I hope these help you with your little math learner!!

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